Touring Caravan Insurance – Expert Advice To Save Money And Ensure You Have The Most Complete Cover

Whatever stage of life you begin the touring caravan life, that feeling of waving goodbye to conventional trips and getting out on the open road in a touring caravan is hard to beat. It may have taken years to save up enough money to buy one, and then you had to wait until you had the free time to go travelling, but now you are so close to being ready to go.

Apart from the caravan, yourself and any family or travelling companions, and perhaps a few clothes and some personal hygiene products…there is one crucial ingredient which you will need, to give you the freedom to really enjoy this great lifestyle. This is insurance for touring caravans. And like it or not, getting to understand it well will mean that you can find the balance of the best touring caravan insurance cover and policy cost.

Touring Caravan Insurance-The Main Ingredients

An insurance for touring caravans policy will have several elements to it, and you are advised to familiarise yourself with all of them. The main areas are contents insurance, public liability, loss and damage and continental use for when you go abroad. There will also be excess payments and exclusions to be aware of.

Damage and Loss Cover

This deals with either damage to, or loss of the caravan. Caravans up to 5 years old should qualify for “new for old cover” which is when new caravan/parts are provided.

When the caravan is older than 5 years, then it is normally the “market value” cover which will come into play. In other words any replacement will be calculated according to the current market value of the caravan.

Personal Effects and Contents Cover

This is something that can be opted in for or not at case may be. Traditionally this aspect of cover can be rather restricted so never assume what your contents or personal effects are in your opinion, always check and double check the small print!

For example, although the term also covers personal effects, in reality items such credit cards, computers, money, bikes and phones are not covered. There is also the question of whether the cover applies to purely the caravan, or to a trailer or awning as well. It is normally necessary to show forcible entry took place before a claim can be made.

Public Liability Cover

This is there to protect the caravan’s owner/s against claims for loss or injury to a member of the public, which was caused by the caravan or use of the caravan.

Again the conditions of this cover vary so you need to check out the famous small print carefully, for example to see if anyone who borrowed the caravan would be covered. The type of cover is normally set to between 1 and 2 million pounds.

Continental Cover

If you intend to travel to Europe, continental cover is essential. This is not always included in a standard policy so make sure you check whether it is included in yours, or whether you need to purchase it as an additional item. Be aware that continental cover does not necessarily cover the whole of the continent. Certain former Soviet states such as Albania, Hungry, Bulgaria or the Czech Republic are not covered.

Make sure any excess payments are set at level you are happy with. The excess payments are ones you are responsible for before the insurance company pays out. For example if your insurance claim was for £400, and your excess was for £100, the insurance company would only pay you £300. Higher excess payment can sometimes mean lower insurance premiums.

Exclusions detail the occasions on which an insurance company will not pay out. Exclusions are normally for things that are highly unlikely to happen, but it is worth being aware of them just in case. The types of things which fall into the exclusion category are terrorism and damage caused by pressure waves. The exclusion cause may also come into effect if you use for caravan for purposes other than those it was designed for. Exclusions are normally fairly generic across different touring caravan insurance policies.

When shopping around knowing which elements are central to your own use will help you save money while still getting the most complete cover that you require. Shop around and always read the caravan insurance small print to ensure that deals are all they say they are.

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